If you love trying new flavours…
If you’re a fan of motionless travel…
If you’re a true connoisseur of Armagnac’s many delights...


…then come and try a truly wonderful brandy at the Domaine de La Béroje estate, in the midst of Bas Armagnac’s very special terroirs. A direct descendant of France’s oldest known distilled spirit – the ‘aygue ardente’ (burning water) of the Middle Ages – our Armagnac is still aged in shady barrel-rooms according to time-honoured tradition, just like it always has been.

Our different vintages offer all the various riches of a Grand Bas Armagnac, an incredibly aromatic range of flavours that develop during the long years spent maturing in our barrel-rooms. Noble brandies that proudly boast the year of their birth! La Béroje shelters a remarkable collection of Armagnacs dating from 1946 to today, assembled through the years by my talented uncle, Bernard L’Huillier; since 1999 it has been my pleasure to continue his magnificent life’s work…

The Château de la Béroje has opened its doors – come inside!

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Raymond Crombez de Montmort


All the Armagnacs sold at the Château de la Béroje have been produced solely from the estate’s vineyards, and distilled and aged in its barrel-room. The vintage indicates the year the grapes were harvested. Armagnac is a living product that goes on developing whilst in the cask, but once it has been imprisoned in a bottle it ceases to age. The brandies are taken specially from their casks as and when required.

You will find a selection of Armagnacs offered for sale in our ‘online store’. If you are looking for a different vintage, please get in touch.

Here are some of our brandies, which have been tasted and described by renowned sommeliers:

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Speak of Armagnac with reverence, but with neither splendour nor ceremony, for brandy is to be explored.”

Chantal Armagnac

How can we describe its interiority, its poetry?…The complexity of the bouquet composes the most amazing poems and brings to mind a whole host of memories!